Our Mission: Network Online and Offline Communities

The Accelient team harnesses the technology of leading edge digital companies to serve communities. Our differentiation is rooted in data and innovation. Our technology is a store of successful conversions from campaigns we have designed and executed.

We take a classic publishing commerce approach that examines the contextual environment of successfully performing campaigns across all platforms in the marketing mix: marketplace, lead generation, directories, search, email, social, banner, mobile and offline/traditional. By understanding audience intent we can identify the factors of successful campaigns and increase the level of confidence from audiences in ad messages and improve campaign ROI to advertisers.

Our expertise lies in three areas:

  1. Ad Performance: We bring over 25 years of understanding the intersection between Audience and Advertisers.
  2. Audience Data: Bridging offline and online market data to help publishers grow audiences and advertisers to scale their business.
  3. Products and Platforms: We run 100+ campaigns each month across all platforms which keeps our knowledge and success metrics fresh.